Meat products
of agricultural enterprise Aurora

Meat delicacies hold a special place in the diet of Russian consumers. Meat - needed food for countries with cold climates. Meat contains essential amino acids and complete protein, which is hard to find an equivalent replacement plant.

Meat delicacies are traditional decoration of festive table. Culinary history of cooking meat delicacies has none of the millennium. The Chinese have long prepared jerky Egyptians gave a special flavor to meat via seeds, Indians marinated meat with spices, the peoples of the Mediterranean countries prepared ham salted dried meat.

  • Our company expects to release the following meat products:
  • Delicate meats: beef, smoked, dried, lumpy or sliced ​​in vacuum packing
  • Meat meal: small-sized meat (azu, goulash), beef, burgers, kupaty
  • Sausage products