Meat plant
of agricultural enterprise Aurora

As part of the investment project envisages the construction of a plant for the ritual slaughter (Halal), livestock and meat processing. The contractor has been identified as the company "Selhozlider." To ensure the performance indicators of the project has been selected plant with a production capacity of up to 10 heads per shift.

Information about the mini-plant

  • Mini-plant is equipped with all necessary equipment and communications for the full technological cycle of slaughter, primary processing of cattle and processing of raw materials to semi-finished products and sausages.
  • Hardware mini-factory installed in prefabricated buildings on the basis of the metal frame using sandwich panels PIR.
  • Mini-plant systems equipped microclimate, water and electricity utilities.
  • Mini-plant meets sanitary requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, fire and electrical safety standards, safety rules.

Technical characteristics of the plant

Hardware Settings Unit. rev. Value
Dimensions (overall) мм×мм×мм 41 000×14 000×6 000
Power supply

installed capacity

kW 210
Supply voltage V 380/220, ±5%
Electric wire network 5 L1, L2, L3, N, PЕ
Water supply
estimated water consumption m3/ shift 19
pressure feedwater atm. от 2 до 4
Climatic conditions of operation
Ambient temperature between 0С от -45 до +50
snow load kg/m2 400
seismicity, no more than points 6


Appointment of a mini-factory

1.Uboy and primary processing of 10 head of cattle (ritual slaughter) shift to produce following products:

  • fresh meat, half-carcasses, quarters, carcasses;
  • refined-products;
  • kishsyre cleaned (no salt);
  • Hide (not salted).

2. Processing 1600 kg of raw meat (entering the carcasses sides and quarters) in a shift to the receipt and storage of the following products:

  • lumpy semi-finished products (shank, sirloin, loin, steak on the bone);
  • small-sized semi-finished products (ragout, ase, barbecue, beef stroganoff);
  • minced meat (beef, home, cutlet);
  • cutlet position (hedgehogs, steaks, burgers homemade meatballs);
  • kupaty;
  • cooked sausage;
  • sausages (sausages);
  • Half-smoked sausage;
  • smoked delicacies.