of milking system, applied in the investment project

The automated milking machine
modular execution

It is intended for milking of cows on a dairy farm in the milking hall in group "Elochka" machines of modular execution, transportation to dairy office of a farm, its filtration, cooling and giving in capacity for storage. Most effective use of the Fir-tree installation on farms with the loose-housing maintenance of cows. "Elochka" allows to carry out stage-by-stage expansion of functionality, beginning from the elementar

y option providing only timely automatic removal of milking glasses to options with a control system of milking with stimulation of milking and automatic transfer of individual data of milking in system accounting of herd.

With the control unit it is provided:

  • Automatic stimulation within 75 seconds in an initial phase of milking if value of intensity of a molokovyvedeniye doesn't reach 600 g/min.;
  • The automatic stimulating individual mode of a dodaivaniye in a final phase of milking if value of intensity of a molokootdacha is in range from 600 g/min. to 200 g/min. inclusive;
  • Saving of data of milking in case of repeated connection of the milking machine;
  • Display in the real mode of time on the display of the control unit of milking of each milking machine of number of an animal, amount of the received milk, time of milking, intensity of a molokootdacha and the mode of milking (start-up - stimulation, milking, a dodaivaniye - stimulation, shutdown of the milking machine);
  • Automatic removal of milking glasses and branch of the milking machine after the end of milking (at decrease in intensity of a molokootdacha less than 200 g/min., after 30 from a delay);
  • Transfer of the obtained automatically individual data of milking, and also the entered information from the control unit keyboard in the computer.

The system of data collection and processing provides:

  • Receiving and information processing from electronic control units of milking;
  • Formation and storage of protocols of milking;
  • Receiving in the real mode of time of individual schedules of a milking;
  • Transfer of individual data of milking in computer system of the breeding account.

Technical characteristics, extent of automation and functionality of "Elochka" milking machines

  • number of milking machines – on 2×4; 2×6; 2×8; 2×10; 2×12; 2×14;
  • automatic washing;
  • shutdown of the milking machine and automatic removal of milking glasses;
  • accounting of milk individual and the general;
  • anticorrosive covering – hot galvanizing;
  • Measurement in the real mode of time and simultaneous display in a text and digital form on the display of the control unit of values of individual milk yield of milk, time of milking, intensity of removal of milk, other parameters and the modes of milking;
  • Transfer of individual indicators of milking to the computer;
  • Possibility of input from the keyboard of the control unit of number of an animal, his display on the display and data transmission in the computer;
  • Automatic identification and transfer of numbers of animals in the computer;
  • Export of individual data of milking to the computerized control systems of the breeding account.