Other products
of agricultural enterprise Aurora

С целью сокращения объема биологических отходов, а также расходов на их утилизацию, следующие биоматериалы подлежат продаже:

Carcasses of dead animals, carcasses unfit for human consumption, as well as the implementation of slaughterhouse wastes are subject to the plant for the production of meat and bone meal. This product is an excellent protein-mineral animal feed, are widely used in animal husbandry. Raw material is steamed or boiled, then dried and milled. The feed consists of protein (50%), ash (35%), fats (8-12%), water (4-7%).
Cowhides is a byproduct of the meat industry. They are obtained after the slaughter of animals. Especially because of the skins of animals are not killed. At the same time, hides of cattle are excellent raw materials for the leather industry. From the skins of cows do not only carpets but also covers on the bed or sofa, furniture, decorative pillows. They adorn the walls. After separating the skins from the carcass it is pre-preservation, and then transmitted to the tannery.
Dry defibrinated bovine blood is a raw material for the production of black food albumin (powdered water-soluble product made by drying or stabilized food defibrinated blood, blood cells). Thus, in order to reduce the volume of bio-waste animal blood will be sent to processing plants.