Development potential
of agricultural enterprise Aurora

Market demand greatly exceeds the production capacity of the project and will grow in the next 10 years. Deficiency of finished meat, milk and milk products of high quality associated with prolonged reduction in the number of dairy cattle in the Moscow region and in Russia. The share of the project on the market in the Moscow region, even after reaching the design capacity is insignificant. Demand for production of dairy farming has no clear-cut seasonal nature. All products are 100% liquid and demand on the market. Pricing will be based on the current supply and demand. The pricing strategy will be developed as part of the challenges of sustainable marketing of products at the most affordable prices. This strategy will focus on customers, for which an important factor is the high quality raw material.

In recent years, the Russian market of milk and dairy products were observed positive trends. He grew up and reached a historic high average level of milk production in the country - from 2.2 tons in 1997 to 3.5 tons in 2007. Formed regions of intensive production, which differ not only high rates of productivity, and the positive dynamics of production in dairy sector: the area of the North-West and Central Federal Districts, which are near the center of industrial processing of milk - Moscow and St. Petersburg. There have been significant changes in the direction of smoothing the seasonality of milk production. There are examples of regions where the problem is completely overcome - Leningrad region, Moscow region, Krasnodar and Tatarstan. Increased investment in the sector (both private and public), will enhance the process of creating large dairy farms that have implemented advanced technological solutions for fodder, feeding, maintenance and milking. Against the background of positive dynamics of consumer demand rapidly developing dairy industry processing. The growth in per capita consumption of dairy products, which is still lagging behind the rational norms and consumption in the European countries indicates a high capacity of the domestic dairy market.

The imposition of sanctions on food imports in the Russian Federation, as well as the entry into force of new technical regulations of the Customs Union created favorable conditions for further development of the market for the dairy industry.