General project data
of agricultural enterprise Aurora

This investment project involves the modernization of an old farm for breeding cattle in the village of Heath municipal Shatura district, Moscow region. As part of the project also involves the construction of a new cattle-breeding complex dairy beef, milk processing plant, plant ritual slaughter (Halal) and meat processing plant.

This project is expected to attract investments in the amount not exceeding 1.5 billion rubles, as well as state support under the current legislation, in an amount not exceeding 400 million rubles.

This project envisages the creation of 148 jobs. The average salary is set at the level higher than the average salary in the district is 5.2%. Gross production of commodity dairy products is 10 300 tonnes per year. Gross production of raw milk 12,100 tons of meat in live weight of 700 tons per year.

Key performance indicators of the project

Criteria Rouble US Dollar
Discount rate, % 10,58 7,76
Pay back period - PB, mths. 54 59
Discounted payback period - DPB, mths. 61 66
Average rate of return - ARR, % 36,10 27,05
Net present value - NPV 949 433 8 602
Profitability index - PI 1,70 1,42
Internal rate of return - IRR, % 27,82 18,90
Modified rate of return - MIRR, % 19,12 13,24